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Reliability of Solar materials & Systems Workshop (RS2)

INES, Le Bourget du Lac, 2019

The objective of the workshop is to bring together industrial and scientific actors working on reliability, sustainability and long-term performance of solar photovoltaic systems (PV), concentrated solar photovoltaic systems (CPV), solar thermal systems (ST) and concentrated solar power systems (CSP).

The first edition of this workshop was a real opportunity for these three communities to exchange on the common problematic of durability of solar materials and systems. A lot of scientific discussions and international projects were initiated.

The scientific program will consist of three invited talks plus nine presentations that will each address one of the three main fields : PV/CPV, ST and CSP :

  • In-situ and Ex-situ Characterizations : in this topic the discussions will be focused on the current different characterization tools for diagnostic, tracking performance and failures of systems requiring an analysis of environmental constraints (meteorology, irradiation,...).
  • Ageing study both accelerated indoor and outdoor exposure study and their correlation. This theme aims to identify the problems related to aspects of ageing by setting up tools for the study of ageing such as modeling, statistics, the definition of ageing, ageing mechanisms cycle,…
  • Measurement of the environmental stress factor (outdoor exposition or during the lifetime of systems) : in this last issue will be developed the instrument and methodology to measure the level of environmental stress factor, measurement of external and internal stress level, Analysis and feedback, diagnostic post ageing aspects,...

Major research projects could be implemented at this event through the DURASOL platform.

More information can be found on www.dursaol.org.