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A large number of research and developpment projects is making profit of the equipment of the Durasol platform. Here some examples :

Solar thermal systems

Acronym Activity Financing Year
CARTUS Protocols of aging of solar thermal absorbers for high and medium temepratures ADEME 2012-2015
STAGE STE Durabilité of mirrors and solar absorbers : establishment of standard FP7, European Comission 2015
WASCOP Réduction de la consomation d’eau dans le CSP : etude de durabilité des couches fonctionnelles H2020, European Comission 2015

Solar photovoltaic modules

So-SmartE Developpement of a BIPV system for facades based on CIGS technology BPI - PSPC 2015
PV1500 Optimisation of potential induced degradation losses for PV modules operated under 1500V ADEME 2014
BISUN Developpement of bifacial PVcell and module technolgy Industrial contract 2015
BIPPP Developpement of bifacial PV module technolgy demonstrating bancability and a reduction of life cycle cost of energy BPI-PSPC 2015
CHIC Developpement of PV module technolgy of high performance and durability Industrial contract 2015
MOD1 Monitoring outdoor performance PV modules Affiliated program financed by PV developpers 2013