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2nd Durasol Matchmaking Event

2nd Matchmaking Event on Durability of Solar Materials and Systems - Friday 16th of March 2018 - Amphithéâtre Émilie du Châtelet - INSA Lyon

High durability is key for reducing costs of solar energy, as it critically affects the systems lifetime. It also increases the investors’ confidence in the technology and so reduces the financing costs. This is why the DuraSol platform has been setup with heavy financing from the French “Investments for the Future” programme. As this platform is now operative, we organise an event for parties interested in the durability of solar materials and systems on how to use the Durasol platform and how to use it drive forward corresponding R&D projects.

Durasol is a platform containing scientific equipment for testing the durability of solar materials and systems.

Durasol offers access to this platform to industrial or academic partners interested to increase the durability of any type of solar energy system, such as photovoltaic, solar thermal or concentrated solar power.

• For outdoor testing under real operation conditions, a large spectrum of different stress factors are available : UV, Thermal cycling, Salt Spray, High humidity and temperature, as well as high system voltages for PID studies.

• Furthermore, advanced lab equipment allows for accelerated durability testing under controlled conditions. Durasol is powered by the excellence of the platform partners involved and can be accessed by any interested party.

Durasol is powered by the excellence and expertise of the platform partners involved which are available to accompany the tests to be done on the Durasol platform.

Durasol organizes on Friday, 16th of March 2018 an event to inform potential platform users on the equipment and expertise available. This event also includes a matchmaking session allowing each participant to individually discuss his project with the most appropriate expert from the Durasol platform or any other participant of interest (the actual list of participants can be seen on the registration page).

Registration :

On our registration page, you will be able to select the persons you wish to talk with during the event. Please register here.